Few other cars drive with the fun and eagerness of Impreza, so you won’t be surprised by how uniquely this is accomplished. The horizontally opposed configuration of the SUBARU BOXER engine places the pistons 180 degrees apart, for a lower, flatter profile than that of other engine types. This gives the engine, and overall vehicle, a lower centre of gravity and a more balanced distribution of weight. Furthermore, the pistons’ opposing movements inherently counteract each other, naturally helping to reduce vibration.

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and Lineartronic

The satisfaction of the drive comes from symmetry and balance. That is why Subaru has been developing and perfecting the Symmetrical AWD system since 1972. Matched with the SUBARU BOXER engine for a near-perfect symmetrical layout, it delivers gratifying power with exceptional traction, providing balance and stability for total control in ever-shifting road conditions.

Lineartronic + Active Torque Split AWD

The Impreza achieves inspiring levels of response and efficiency with Lineartronic. By keeping the engine running in its optimal rev range and preserving the momentum that’s often lost during a gear shift, this unique transmission dramatically maximises fuel efficiency. New shift controls keep the ride light, fluid and responsive, with a more direct feel of the SUBARU BOXER engine. The step-less and step- shifting links facilitate confident power delivery upon acceleration. Lineartronic is also longitudinally paired with an active torque split AWD system that responds to traction conditions by continuously controlling the torque distribution front to rear.

6-Speed Manual Transmission + Viscous Centre Differential AWD

For maximum control and sporty satisfaction, a slick-shifting 6-speed manual transmission for 2.0i put extra gearing at your disposal. Not only does this transmission help improve efficiency at higher speeds, but its short-throw design has been enhanced for quick, smooth and intuitive operation. And pairing it with a viscous limited-slip centre differential (LSD) helps you maintain an inspiring hold on the road, even in low-traction conditions.

Front Suspension

Expertly balancing sporty handling with a comfortable ride, the Impreza is equipped with a suspension fine-tuned to perform well in a variety of conditions. In the front, rigid struts enhance precision, giving the steering an accurate and lively feel. It's a balance of stable handling, good grip, flat cornering and a composed ride. And for more accurate tracking of the rear wheels, a support arm was added.

Rear Suspension

A refined rear suspension will reignite your passion for driving. For enhanced control and poise over bumpy roads and through sharp corners, the Impreza is equipped with a double wishbone rear suspension. Pillow ball bushings, added for improved tyre contact and reduced understeer, give the Impreza improved traction and handling accuracy. The suspension has also been stiffened for quicker response to driver input.
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