Immerse yourself.

The inviting interior draws you in to a truly relaxing cabin. Plush appointments and welcoming technology add considerable comfort and convenience, while thoughtful storage throughout offers the versatility for your everyday adventures.
outback rear seat

More comfortable rear seats

The entire cabin is roomier including more room in the back with more space under the knees than the previous model, delivering more comfort for rear passengers as well as front passengers. The rear seats recline as well making it more comfortable on long drives.
outback roof

Larger sunroof

Enjoy a more open feel with the new larger sunroof. The inner sliding sunroof includes tilt-up and auto-reverse features to bring in more light as well.

An interior that embraces your needs.

Relax and enjoy. Roomier, richer materials and upgraded technology mean there’s much to enjoy inside the all-new Outback.
outback Illuminated meter

Illuminated meter

A blue illumination on the meters helps improve visibility. Plus the LCD meter centre display is linked to the meter and shares helpful info like turn-by-turn navigation, notice of an incoming call and even a compass.
USB and Auxiliary Audio Inputs

USB and Auxiliary Audio Inputs

Plug your iPod or other mobile music device into the standard AUX and USB input jack, and your music plays through the audio system of the Outback. Plus with two USB input trims, you can charge two devices at once.


A blue illuminated interior light lends a cool, sophisticated feeling to the Outback. The pull cup holder and console box also have that welcoming blue glow, making them easier to find in the dark.

Flexible Solutions

As the demands of life are varied, it’s good to know the Outback can easily rise to meet them. At the push of a button, the power rear gate gives you instant access to the cargo area making it especially easy to load up and go.

Luggage and seat combinations

There’s more room for more of your life. Cargo capacity has been increased to make room for up to four 80-litre suitcases and floor has been made even more flattened to allow for greater luggage capacity. You can also change the seating configuration in an instant, thanks to the 60/40 folding rear seats, allowing you to haul large items and various passengers needed.

Cargo capability

Whatever adventure you have in mind, the Outback can help make it happen. Roof rails give you lots of storage options up top, convenient side sill steps give you a firm place to stand and secure that cargo and a power rear gate with a door grip makes it a breeze to load and unload.
Roof rails

Roof rails

Sturdy roof rails make hauling extra items a snap. You’ll find the all-new Outback has a lot of ways to get the job done.
Convenient side sill step

Convenient side sill step

To give you a firm footing when you’re loading a canoe or bike up top, we placed a side sill step on both sides of the Outback for added convenience.

Intuitive technology that empowers

Make your day-to-day brilliant. The ingenious design and technology of the Outback work exceptionally well and are especially useful. A 7-inch centre touchscreen and LCD meter centre display give you access to it all. A new premium audio system with 12 Harman/ Kardon speakers or standard audio with six speakers are available for your enjoyment. Plus the entire infotainment system is compatible with smartphones, making it easy to stay connected.
outback technology


Intuitive navigation makes the infotainment system easy to use. Its large, 7-inch centre touchscreen is easy on the eyes and its simple icons are easy to recognize.

Turn-by-turn Navigation

Turn-by-turn navigation instructions now appear on LCD meter centre display, making it easier to get directions without having to look to the side for them on the navigated screen.

Touchscreen Control

The touchscreen is a useful way to select your music, just as you would on your smartphone. Simply connect your smartphone through Bluetooth or the USB port, and you can choose your music right on the touchscreen.
outback technology

Voice Recognition

One shot voice recognition (*6) allows you to speak a simple command such as “CALL Paul.” and the system obeys. You can also issue a command via the touchscreen as needed or buttons on the steering wheel.

Harman/Kardon Audio System

Featuring Harman/Kardon’s latest technology, Green Edge, the premium audio system in the Outback includes 12 Harman/Kardon speakers and improved acoustics for a richer audio experience.
Rear-view Camera

Rear-view Camera

The screen also displays the rear-view camera, now with a super-wide view for better visibility. Its position has also been revised to create a more, centred natural view for the driver.
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