When you drive the SUBARU XV, there’s little that can stop you from having a good time. That’s because the SUBARU XV gives you the high ground clearance of an SUV, the low centre of gravity and balance of a sports sedan, and Symmetrical AWD. Matched to the SUBARU BOXER engine for a near-perfect symmetrical layout, it delivers gratifying power with exceptional traction, providing balance and stability for total control in ever-shifting road conditions. The result is vehicle that gives you peace of mind and confidence like no other — this is the essence of the Subaru driving experience.


The SUBARU XV achieves exciting levels of response and efficiency with Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission. This compact and lightweight transmission dramatically improves fuel efficiency by keeping the engine in its optimal rev range, and preserving momentum that’s often lost during a gear shift. Working in unison with Lineartronic, Active Torque Split AWD sends 60 percent of its torque to the front wheels, and 40 percent to the rear wheels under normal conditions. When conditions are more demanding, the system reacts in real-time by adjusting the front and rear wheel torque distribution as well as the transmission. This further increases the stability of the AWD system to deliver a safe and agile driving experience.


Few cars deliver the thrilling eagerness and spontaneity of the SUBARU XV. It’s achieved with the horizontally opposed SUBARU BOXER engine, which places the pistons 180 degrees apart for a lower, flatter profile compared to other engine types. This gives the powerplant—and by extension the whole car—a lower centre of gravity and more balanced weight distribution. In addition, the pistons’ opposing movements counteract each other, which naturally reduces vibration.

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