SUbaru KEnya Eyesight

Function Overview

EyeSight can assist drivers in a multitude of driving situations, including reducing forward collision damage or, if conditions allow, preventing the collision, reducing fatigue on extended drives and stopping unintended acceleration if the wrong pedals are pressed.

6 EyeSight Functions


Pre-Collision Braking

This function uses a Warning feature to warn the driver to take evasive action when there is the possibility of a collision with a Target ahead. If the system detects that the driver still does not take evasive action, the brakes are quickly applied automatically at the last possible moment before the collision in order to reduce collision damage or, if conditions allow, prevent the collision.

Adaptive Cruise Control

This function can maintain the set vehicle speed and, when there is a vehicle in front in the same traffic lane, it can track the speed of the vehicle up to the maximum preset vehicle speed and can maintain the preselected following distance

Pre-Collision Throttle Management

This function can reduce accidental forward movement caused by the shift lever being placed in the wrong position or the accelerator pedal being accidently or mistakenly depressed (instead of the brake pedal, etc.).

Lane Departure Warning

This function can warn the driver when the vehicle is about to unintentionally depart the traffic lane during driving.

Lane Sway Warning

This function can detect unintended vehicle drift caused by driver fatigue, failure to concentrate on the road, inattention, strong crosswinds or other factors and warns the driver.

Lead Vehicle Start Alert

This function can notify the driver when the vehicle in front has started moving but the EyeSight vehicle has not.

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