Protect Your Investment and Engage in Genuine Subaru Service

Subaru is about having The Confidence and The Peace of Mind to go anywhere. It’s about enjoying your life through exploration and continually setting out on fresh adventures. That’s why at Subaru Kenya, we set out to ensure that your Subaru is preserved at the highest standards to ensure enhanced safety and performance for years to come. Our highly skilled and professional technicians are trained to know every component and system of your vehicle. Through the use of state of the art Subaru Diagnostics Equipment, Subaru Genuine Parts and years of experience, we keep your Subaru running like new.


Protect Your Investment With Genuine Subaru Value!

Subaru’s core DNA is a commitment to engineering excellence focused on functionality, safety and dependability.

At Subaru Kenya we offer body repairs and overhauls of unit components and not to say the least, Comprehensive Accident Repairs on all Subaru models.

This is achieved by using the latest state-of-the-art universal body straightening jig, an accident repair tool that can carry out extensive body and chassis repairs to a factory specification level. To complete the repairs, there is a fully equipped spray painting booth that ensures the highest quality paint finish. We work closely with all insurance companies to ensure that your vehicle is repaired back to its original state as quickly as possible. We also offer cosmetic re-sprays, windscreen replacement, polishing and interior valet cleaning.

Why Select Subaru Kenya Bodyshop?

  • Skilled workmanship
  • High –grade quality paintwork
  • Brand new genuine parts fitted at no extra charge
  • Quick turnaround time on repairs
  • Quality assurance
  • Partnership with most insurances
  • Free towing services within Nairobi (discounted outside Nairobi)

Genuine Parts

Protect Your Investment and Keep Your Subaru 100% Subaru

"Driving Confidence" has been a key and constant ingredient in every Subaru model ever made. It reflects our deeply held belief that you can and should have both maximum safety and total driving enjoyment without sacrificing one for the other.

Genuine Subaru Parts are specifically engineered for your car so that they fit better and perform better than aftermarket replacements. From new brakes to a new bumper, if it is installed at Subaru Kenya, it is as good as new.

The Risks of Using Non Genuine SUBARU Parts

  • Non-genuine SUBARU parts are designed using reverse engineering (copying an original component). Manufacturers of non-genuine parts do not have access to SUBARU technical data and drawings so these parts are designed and manufactured in isolation.
  • In most cases the material specification is rationalized, so there is a real risk that these parts will not fit correctly. This can result in rapid wear, compromised performance, poor reliability, higher oil and fuel consumption and even component damage or engine failure.
  • Suppliers of non-genuine parts will only provide a small range of the high-volume part numbers. They will not support the complete range and will not be covered by the SUBARU warranty.

Find Genuine Parts at SUBARU KENYA

During regular servicing, maintenance, or other check-ups conducted at Subaru Kenya, our specially-trained SUBARU mechanics with technical expertise check the condition of each car, and if required, use genuine parts for replacements. Be sure to have your SUBARU inspected not only during regular scheduled services, but also pre-season services before sunny and rainy seasons, or check-ups before heading out on a long journey, and most of all, remember to use SUBARU genuine parts.

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