Why choose Genuine Subaru Oil?

Genuine Subaru oil Reduces wear and cleans internal components to maximize engine life and maintain optimal fuel economy
Its Formulated with a unique blend of additives, detergents, and modifiers specific for the lubrication needs of the SUBARU BOXER® engine
Protects internal engine parts between oil changes better than most leading aftermarket oil brands.
Each batch of Genuine Subaru Oil is lab-tested over 10 different ways to help ensure quality.

Subaru Certified 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil*

Uniquely formulated to handle the low-friction design of the SUBARU BOXER® non-turbocharged engine, 0W-20 is engineered for exceptional performance in a wide range of operating conditions, and its advanced formula withstands rigorous and prolonged engine operation without viscosity breakdown.

  • Increased power and optimized fuel economy
  • 2. Proven to help protect against oil oxidation and breakdown
  • Cleaner-running, longer engine life
  • Increased protection against varnish and deposits

Subaru 5W30 Synthetic Motor Oil

Recommended especially for SUBARU BOXER® turbocharged engines to provide exceptional protection against oil breakdown for a cleaner-running, longer engine life. This type of synthetic oil is required for 2011 and newer turbocharged Subaru vehicles.

  • Optimized fuel economy
  • Increased protection against varnish and deposits
  • Enhanced lubrication for reduced engine wear across the operating temperature range
  • Reduces oil loss due to evaporation and burn-off