Why Insist on Genuine Subaru Parts?

Genuine parts fit right.

Genuine parts fit right, first time. Insisting on genuine parts will keep your car running reliably and looking good. Non-genuine body parts can leave unsightly panel gaps. They can prevent vehicle performance or safety systems from working as intended. Staying genuine protects you, your passengers, and your investment.

Genuine parts matches the specifications of your vehicle.

Subaru genuine parts are made with the specifications of the car in mind. When it’s time to maintain, repair, or customize the Subaru you love, choose the parts engineered to fit and perform for the results you expect.

Genuine parts are proven.

Subaru genuine parts are designed, engineered and also tested to meet the precise specifications with the highest quality standards. The aim is to validate every single part, down to individual nuts and bolts. The parts go through thousands of hours of robust, exhaustive test regimens to make sure they will keep up with your lifestyle, no matter where you’re headed. Extreme temperatures, bone shaking bumps, multiple lifetimes of opens and closes. These are the kinds of tests your car’s components are subjected to, before they are offered for sale. Non genuine parts manufacturers rely on reverse engineering and they have neither the facilities nor the technical know how to carry out the required quality tests.

Genuine parts are tested.

Subaru Crash testing is performed with new cars made solely of genuine parts. Modern cars are complex systems. Changing one part, even parts that seem like that may make no difference to crash performance, can change the way that system protects vehicle occupants and other road users. Changing one part can change everything when microseconds count.

You do not want to chance that the new brake pads you fitted recently will work. You need to be sure they will because the alternative can be a complete disaster. When you insist on genuine parts, you can be sure that the car will work as originally intended. They will work within the specified mileage, saving money and giving you peace of mind.

Subaru cars are renowned for reliability. That does not hold where maintenance is carried out using non genuine items.

Genuine parts are maintained.

A correctly maintained Subaru doesn’t just look great and get you where you’re going, but also ensures the car’s resale value is retained. Look after your car by insisting on genuine parts and the car will look after your interests.

Genuine parts are covered with warranty.

Subaru Genuine parts sold from our branch and dealer network have a warranty period of 12 months where fitted by an authorized dealer with proper tools and qualified technicians. The warranty only covers manufacturer defect not normal wear and tear.